Private Sessions

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Private hypnosis session

What typically happens when someone wants to have private hypnosis sessions with me, be it just hypnosis or with EFT or another therapy, is to firstly make contact: you can use this email link.

Then, after initially writing, we talk using a video chat, Facebook or Skype or Zoom or whatever seems more appropriate. In our conversation we discuss the particular issues to be addressed and where the underlying causes may be found, and how to best go about solving the matter. 

At that point we arrange to meet (normally online) and organise times and dates which are practical to both of us; being a global community very often there is a time difference to consider, but normally we find a moment which is not too difficult for both of us.

There are no rules to how long or frequent sessions should be, everyone is different, and what is best for one person would not necessarily work for another. However, generally a session is about one and a quarter hours to one and a half, but it does vary from time to time depending on what seems right at the time. Again, as to how many sittings you need, there are no rules, but having just one session isn’t usually a good idea since we really want to evaluate change, and make progress permanent. What normally works is three plus sittings, typically five, and then continuing into the future, distancing slowly the time period between each appointment, so we can monitor progress.

If you would like to have a private session with me, please contact me at