Who moved my cheese …

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Who Moved My Cheese

‘Who Moved My Cheese’ is a book which has now been around for quite some time, so much so as sometimes I think that everyone must know about it. I first came across it ten or fifteen years ago rummaging through old books in a charity shop in the UK. I actually started using it in my teaching around that time, mainly because it used ‘easy to read’ language and was presented in a kind of ‘aiming at children’ way, but was obviously in no way aimed at kids. It’s basically the story of two little mice, and two little people who live in a maze and live off cheese. And then one day the cheese disappears and they have to find new cheese. So it’s the story of coping with change in a changing world.
In our present situation of COVID-19 and all the uncertainty it has caused and will cause in the future, ‘Who Moved My Cheese’ is a book to be revisited for sure. We, as a society, are guilty of being complacent of our lot. Change is easy, when you’re on the rise. When things are getting better it can be an exciting time. However, when you find yourself having your legs cut away from beneath you, it’s tough. Very tough. And now in a life of ‘Lock-down’ it’s not possible to even go out and look for new cheese.
We must be prepared to learn new lessons to take us into the future, and reinvent ourselves once again. To re-evaluate and move on. One thing is for sure, and that is that this is not the end of the story. There are still another couple of chapters to go.

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