What can be learnt from how governments have managed their populations during the pandemic?

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It could easily be argued that modern society has the same reverence to science and scientists as past societies had for the church, religious belief and the priesthood. And just where religion and the force of God was used to control the populace and uphold the then hierarchy of society, in a similar way modern day politics and big business use scientific endeavour to do the same. Cherry-picking where seen fit or necessary to support the agenda of the day.
One only needs to consider the justifiable understanding of treating all people (especially those of various minorities) with respect and sympathy and confusing it with scientific fact: or confusing the science of computer modelling with what it truly is, not science but at best an educated guess based on the quality of information put into the system, and not anything more than that; here I am particularly talking obviously of the predictions into how COVID would spread and human behaviour in relation to the virus and political will, and of course that of global warming. Here we can see that science is prepared to behave completely unscientifically when thought necessary to fulfil a political agenda. Science in the modern world is not always scientific.
As a result we now have the confusion about the value or necessity of whether to vaccinate the world or not: vaccinations save lives, yes, certainly particularly of those who are vulnerable; vaccinations stop you catching it, most definitely not; vaccinations stop the spread, definitely not. However, mass vaccination does offer governments the opportunity of easy surveillance and control of the population in every aspect of life, and it does give big business the opportunity of further increasing its strangleΒ  hold over business and commerce. Some might be cynical and say science is good because it offers the chance of big bucks to family and friends, and give a good excuse for unpopular decisions being made, and even escaping from responsibility of mistakes made.

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