Well … happy New Year.

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Well, happy New Year. A bit late I know, but I started  back at work this week (yesterday) and so, for me at least it seems to be the start of the year too!

Christmas holidays are always a strange time of year. We always have so many high expectations, which so often don’t live up to our hopes.
Hopefully, we have, most of us, got through to the other side, and life begins again.
Here in this blog I started some lessons to do battle against the dreaded Christmas time blues, which I will shortly continue with, since even if it is no longer Christmas, the problem of depression is on going in our everyday lives.
In reality these “lessons” are no ‘rocket science’ but more a simple way  of taking control of what we are thinking and put ourselves into a more positive mind set.
It is probably true to say that it is only a very few lucky people who never have any fluctuation in their mental state, and are able to stay fixed securely in a state of perpetual happiness and  contentment. And so, for the rest of us… more work is sometimes required!
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