Universal recall

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Morphic Resonance

They say the Scots are stingy. They say, I don’t know. I have met a few Scots in my time, some of which were friends, and on contemplation… perhaps there could even be an element of truth in it! (I’m joking, of course!) Perhaps it could be said there is an element of truth in all nationalist generalisations; or perhaps our minds just recognise what they choose to. However, there was a story about the Scotsman who won the New Year’s lottery, and when he went to claim his prize, he was asked,
‘Jock, you don’t look very happy about this. Why’s that?’
Jock pondered for a few moments, and slowly touching his chin in contemplation said,
‘Well you see.’
Pausing for a moment, then said in a serious tone,
‘The thing is, I bought two tickets.’

The safest time to fly on an aeroplane is immediately after an air crash. This is true, evidently because according to the statistics it’s highly unlikely to have two serious air accidents in close proximity of time.
On the other hand, by the laws of Morphic Resonance things which happen, are more likely to reoccur by fact of repetition and common memory. Hence, if you are doing an exam, at a national or international level: where it’s being undertaken simultaneously by candidates around the globe, you are better off starting off by doing the very last question first, and then going back to the beginning whereby all the other aspirants have moved on, giving you the advantage of universal recall!
No research in this area, but no harm in giving it a go! But going back to accidents, considering that most accidents happen due to human error, maybe this could show again further evidence of Morphic resonance by which accidents occur less frequently after certain events. I’m not sure, but…

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