Uncle G

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Uncle G

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After a few months uncle G also came to stay at the Mrs P household: uncle G was an elderly man, in his 90s, widowed and living alone. He had no children, and didnโ€™t get on with his next of kin, and didnโ€™t want them to inherit everything on his death. He was getting very ill, and the end seemed imminent. He had a girlfriend, a Romanian lady living in Switzerland who was in her 40s, married, and came to visit on occasions for a little contatto umano and a piccolo regalo. And so, he wanted to leave what he had to those he held dearest: Mrs P and the Romanian.

And so uncle G sold his flat, deposited the money in the bank, and moved in with Mrs P, waiting to die: He did indeed die, but not till after a couple of years, but thatโ€™s another story.

And so twice a day, if not three, around the meal table was, Mrs P, husband GC (sick and awaiting a heart bypass), son GL, lodger Y, vicar P, varying others, and on occasions my kids, and sometimes myself, and now uncle G. Oh happy family; which it was.

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