Tweaking your situation

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Pareto’s law states that 80 percent of effort results in 20 percent of gain, and so obviously, visa-versa, 20 percent of effort results in 80 percent gain. So, if you want to earn more money, the thing to do is, not necessarily work harder, but to work out where your 80/20 law lies.

80/20 is a law of nature and is always true, so as a rule of thumb you can more or less trust that it’s there, even if not necessarily obvious immediately. If you’re thinking about money, you can certainly consider how much time and effort you’re putting in to get the results you’re getting. If you are self-employed all you need to do is try to reduce the amount of lower paid, higher energy work, and replace it with more lower energy, higher paid work. If you work full time for someone else, it’s not you who manages your workload, so if you need more money you need to start thinking of making changes of who you work for somewhere along the line or promotion or something.

Nonetheless, it is always divided along the 80/20 lines, so taking this into consideration is always a good starting point for bettering your lot. Remember though, the 80/20 principle is good for tweaking your situation and not making drastic changes into the unknown!

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