Truth is Always Best

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Truth is Always Best

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So, I was left there, standing alone, waiting for them to get out again and come to some kind of verdict.

After what seemed eternity, but was probably no more than 5 minutes, the other, an angry looking, policeman got out of the car and marched over to me.

Once again, he seemed young, at least to me, tall, thin, with cropped hair.

‘You never paid a speeding fine from Bern!’

Sorry? What is this idiot talking about. Perhaps I couldn’t have understood what he said properly. Bern? A couple of years ago? What on earth? He’s bugging me about Bern. And now?

Then the penny dropped. If they’re so worried about Bern, evidently something’s gone wrong now! (Ha, ha, ha – I started to think to myself – My God! You really have done it!! Well, thank you so very much!)

It turned out that their speed camera hadn’t recorded anything, and so they were left with nothing as evidence against me. But in true policeman form, he’d then gone about trying to dig up anything he could about me! An unpaid fine from years ago!

They then escorted me back to their police station, and to a ATM cash point, so they were sure of making me pay for something. I was taken to an office and made to pay the old fine. Then Heidi kept going on trying to get me to admit I’d been going too fast.

‘You were going much faster than 60 km/h weren’t you! How fast were you going?’

And of course, with a sincere smile on my face I admitted…

‘I’m so sorry officer, I really have no idea, but I’m sure I wasn’t going any faster than 50. Honest to God!’

God works in mysterious ways!

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