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Last week the leader of the opposition in the UK Jeremy Corbyn was ridiculed by both sides of the house, including his own shadow cabinet, for suggesting that Putin and the Kremlin should perhaps not be immediately blamed for the attempted assassination of two Russian nationals in Salisbury England until firm evidence was found. Remembering the events of  the Blair and Labour government leading up to the Iraq war a few years ago one might well be led to think that this was in fact good sound advice, but evidently not; on that previous occasion the Blair / Bush evidence was indeed very, very dodgy, and wrong, the result of which being many innocent people lost their lives and a country was totally destroyed. Saddam Hussein was not a good bloke by any stretch of the imagination, and there were also many things not good about Iraq, but all the same Bush and Blair couldn’t have been more wrong if they had tried; which of course wasn’t the case… perhaps.

Putin is also arguably not the nicest of people so it seems, and recent events around the world in Syria and Crimea etc. etc. would seem to bare witness to this. Putin has totally dominated politics in Russia for the last 20 years but the mentality in this run up to the last election was on a par with Russia’s darkest moments of Communism: Russia being under threat from the west, and the Motherland having to stand strong together and be united; arguably flying in the face of all modern international business and collaboration, which seemed to have been a reality until recently.

So my question has to be, are we the goodies or the baddies in all this, or at least how good are we and to what degree are we better than the others?

Last weekend Tommy Robinson ex-leader of the EDL went to Hyde Park Corner known as Speakers Corner to protest about the shutting down on freedom of speech in Britain. Personally, I do not think Tommy Robinson is a particularly nice bloke either, but nonetheless, rather importantly he has raised some particularly important issues in Europe on Muslim fundamentalism, mass immigration and integration, which does lead on very much so to the question of Freedom of Speech; which Britain, like the US, should have. Questions which mainstream media and government seem to refuse to address.

What was interesting is that although Sunday’s meeting was well attended and raised the important issue of Freedom of Speech in Britain, which is so very obviously being endangered, it was not covered in any of the media outlets; public, private, left nor right. Only on social media. Question. Why not?

We are what we think, and whoever has the power to manipulate our thoughts can control society. If you don’t think about it, you can’t express it, nor complain. History repeats.




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