The young man

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So the story goes, there was a young man who was being chased by a tiger, and the tiger was getting closer and closer. All of a sudden he saw a well, and he jumped down to escape. However, he saw that at the bottom there was a huge poisonous snake curled up, waiting for his next meal.

The young man grabbed out and grasped onto short branch growing from the side of the well. Above him was the tiger, growling and licking his mouth in anticipation, and below him was the snake, hissing and slithering, looking up and waiting.

Just as the young man thought things couldn’t possibly get worse, a little mouse came out from a crack in the wall and started nibbling away at the branch, and little by little the branch began to move with fragments of soil flaking and falling.

Above at the top was a blossoming flower, and from it a drop fell. This drop of sweet nectar seeped down, and dripped onto the face of the young man. When the nectar dribbled to the man’s mouth, he tasted it and thought how beautiful and sweet it was. Life could be good.

Just then, the tiger fell to the bottom breaking its neck, and in doing so crushed the snake and killing it.

The young man climbed from well, to live another day.

The moral? Life is not easy, and often we don’t see how we can overcome problems; and things do get worse even when we think it’s not possible. But, just as the young man did, when tasting the sweet nectar, to live in the present and accept it. And accept our destiny; whatever it might be.

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