The Translation

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The Translation

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Nobody seems to talk about it: the translation of resurrection. Personally for me, it should be of no great importance, but for most in the Christian community it seems to be a making or breaking point.

I don’t know if things are changing now here in Italy, but certainly in the past default mode was undeniably that all children were baptized into the Christian Roman Catholic faith, unless of course they were of some different ethnic origin. In Britain now, it is certainly different and children are not automatically baptized Anglican, but even when I was a kid in London it would not necessarily have been a shocking event if indeed a child was not christened.

My eldest sister was in point of fact christened, but my parents were so unimpressed by the whole ceremony – being a hollow and meaningless repetition of dogma by our local vicar –Β  they then decided to let the later siblings decide themselves what spiritual road to take in ensuing life. I don’t know if this was a brave decision or not, nor whether it was a good or bad idea for them to take. At that time I never gave it a thought.

And so, as a child I was free from religious institutions, and had very little to do with them. I suppose I thought of church with some suspicion, and was brought up to be somewhere between an unknowing agnostic or atheist non church goer.

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