The tale of an ordinary man.

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Winston Smith

Many, many years ago, when I went to the William Pen School, Rickmansworth, which was what they used to call a ‘Comprehensive’, meaning … I’m not sure really, probably that it was best avoided! But we did do things, like lessons and learning and stuff.

And we read. My Family and Other Animals, and various other things. One I remember was George Orwell’s ‘1984’. I have vague recollections about it, as I thought it seemed strange at that time; England in the 1970s.

However, I’ve started reading it again, but this time I’m finding very disconcerting indeed, and more than a little frightening. The tale of Winston Smith, an ordinary man, and his life.

Living here in Red Zone Italy 2020 is becoming a little too close for comfort. Latest news from the government, no leaving home apart for “important work” or “serious family reasons”, or risk being stopped by the police and fined! Sounds like something from the Ministry of Fear and the Thought Police!

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