The Ritual

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The Ritual

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There is something a bit strange about doing something that your cynical about. Like the Ouija board, you may well think it’s mumbo jumbo, but deep down you think there could be something in it. If there is a God, or something like an energy or a spirit world, surely it/he knows too what’s going through my mind. So, if I’m saying one thing, and thinking another, that all knowing, all seeing entity must know; I’m saying these magic, special words, but in my mind I’m thinking, ‘This is totally FAKE, and stupid!’

This is a natural dilemma, but having done it for myself, I’ve come to the conclusion that … it’s difficult to say, but evidently, actions speak louder than thoughts! Probably closer to the mark, is that what we are tapping into isn’t an all knowing all seeing entity, but more like a natural phenomena like the wind, rain or sun: If you water a plant, it grows – it doesn’t make much difference what you’re thinking at the time.

Anyhow, my ritual that I struck upon was thus:

I chose my moment carefully, when everyone was out (it was a Sunday morning and the family had gone to church!), and I was all alone and not going to be disturbed. Then on my piece of paper I wrote, being careful to not wish bad on others,

‘Thank you – that everyone is responsible for their actions.’ Pretty simple.

And then, for the flooding garage,

‘I’m so grateful that my garage never floods.’ Again simple.

In actual fact, I wrote a lot more than this, my page ending up full of this and that, but the crux was this.

Then, curtains and shutters closed and lights off making it dark, I put my sheet on the tray on the floor in my bedroom. I lit the candles, one on the far side of the tray, one in front of me, and one on either side – in a diamond shape. Then I sat down cross legged in front, an relaxed.

Then, using my watch as a timer and closing my eyes, I started saying my mantra – not having the slightest understanding of its meaning.

‘Om, mani, padme, hum…’ Slowly, over and over, for 15 minutes.

I then picked up the sheet of paper, and lit it from one of the candles, and let it burn away to nothing in the tray – being careful not to burn the house down!

And … that was it! Easy!

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