The power of being average

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It is a strange thing, but even if we tend to put our trust in scientists, at least most of the time, and we know that social media like Facebook and Instagram, manipulate our thoughts, and turn us into more divisive and extreme beings, we still do not normally grasp the idea of averages and what data and statistics are really telling us.

As a teacher, I know exactly when someone will or will not pass an exam. Students often feel they need a good day, or the right question, or just to be lucky, but I can tell them, that just ain’t the case!

When you’re studying there will always be stuff you don’t know, it’s not possible to know everything, but you will have to know so much of what is thought to be necessary for a particular test. The student may well feel, they are lucky or unlucky to know a set of apparently random questions on a particular day, but, if you look at the data, luck has little to do with it.

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