The Miracles of Economy!

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The Miracles of Economy!

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Written here (as previously), in this way, perhaps it could well be thought of as just two freak occasions – firstly that of the heating bill and then that of the flooding. But it wasn’t so simple. Every time it rained hard, there would be the constant fear that the drains would fail again and I’d be fighting the elements once more. And for the heating?

The next year I bought a couple of Calor Gas heaters, in the hope of escaping our fate of the previous year and another exorbitant bill. But it was awful. We had so much condensation everywhere, on the windows, on the walls, and it was really quite dangerous especially with two small children.

The next year I discovered there was indeed natural gas mains in the road outside, and legally there was nothing stopping us detaching ourselves from the centralised heating system and becoming autonomous. But everyone in the condominium was totally against it!

It was only now I was starting to realise that many of the others had indeed vested interests. The administrator was obviously getting a backhander from the oil supplier, and several others were also on the fiddle with other things as well. But one of the biggest discoveries I made was [if you remember I said each apartment had a meter for the heating consumption – 20% fixed 80% for consumption] that the heating meters were very easy to manipulate. These meters were internal condominium meters, not official gas or electric ones, and so if by chance, God forbid, the wires which were attached were by any way detached, clearly by error, the meter would not turn – but nonetheless allowing hot water for the heating system to continue flowing into the flat! Free heating! Voila! The secret of how to economise! The water would flow but the meter would not go!

So after the second winter I set about installing our own gas central heating system, which I was 100% entitled to do by law, but the whole condominium were totally against it, including the administrator!

And so … I started! Bollocks to the whole lot of them. Mean dishonest cheating bastards!

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