The Manipulation Game

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The law of attraction. The Law of Attraction. It’s interesting speaking to people, when talking about the Law of Attraction to whether they believe there is anything in it or not. Many people would agree that what or how you are thinking influences firstly your perception of the world around you, and then even how your life goes; how lucky you may or may not be. Fewer however, would go along with the concept that we can actually influence our lives, either positively or negatively (obviously) by what we are thinking, and indeed force through our wishes into reality by pushing or driving into our minds deliberate thoughts in view to changing outcomes. Even if, whilst many in the LOA thinking world might concur that we can change ourselves, our bodies and perceptions, few may perhaps agree totally that we are able to change external physical things.
Whilst accepting over the last years that there has been a shift in popular consensus, many who would have hohaed (even if things like homoeopathy and other alternative medicines have been having a rough time of late) have now been brought round to believing there is indeed something in it, very few people indeed seem to appreciate that just about everyone, with few exceptions (in the western world), practice LOA daily on an enormous scale; unknowingly!
Even if TV for many is a thing of the past, many of us check our emails and messages as soon as we wake. Check the news ( or fake-news [delete where appropriate!]) on our Twitter feed, just to make sure the world hasn’t ended in our absence, or something else terrible etc. etc. ADHD is on the rise in children, but do we have any idea what is happening to us all? We are willing participants in a mind control manipulation game, run certainly by FB, Google et al, but many others also that we don’t know about; far more sinister! We can’t concentrate in our lives, and allow ourselves to be led by hysteria.

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