The Mad Lawyer

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The Mad Lawyer

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On the evening, we arranged to meet up and from there go on together to a Mexican restaurant in downtown Lugano. When I got to the prearranged rendezvous she was not alone, but with a friend. A female friend. The mad lawyer.

I was in fact quite glad we weren’t alone. I had no wish for anything to possibly be construed as a romantic encounter!

We went off in the Mad Lawyer’s old Golf GTI, and she drove … well what can I say … very aggressively, as if we were on a race course. You expect women to be a little gentler than men as a rule, and this of course was Switzerland! The land of the slow! I don’t know if she was trying to impress me, or frighten me, or show me how liberated and sure of herself she was. But the only thing I can remember thinking at that moment, was that of regret. Regret of accepting this misjudged invitation!



Our final destination was a very pleasant little place quite near the lake in an old shopping arcade next to what is now the casino of Lugano. The place was full and bustling, but we had booked and so we went straight in and were led to our table. It’s always nice to go somewhere where the feeling is of success, and of an ‘in’ sort of flavour.

The food I presume was Mexican, I’m no expert, but that is what I was led to believe. Quite respectable. The conversation was as far as I can remember pretty neutral, and not about any one or other thing. The Mad Lawyer had evidently been her client at some time or other, and so had apparently had a few problems in her past (who hasn’t) and they had remained friends (nothing surprising there either). And so the evening passed civilly and with polite conversation. After we finished, the bill arrived and Lina without further ado, took it up to the till and paid. So much for chivalry! But she had insisted on my coming, and I had conceded and so… all well and good.

And so. And so. Before we stood up to leave Lina, in the same way as she had before, in her challenging manner, said, ‘ I bet you would never come and have coffee at home?’

Another challenge to my independence and free spirit!

‘Of course I will.’ I said, in my most convincing voice. And so, off we went!


So we returned to where we had left the cars, and then I followed Lina and the Mad Lawyer to her house. It was a very nice detached place with a good size garden, and on first impressions, it was very impressive. We went inside, and apart from the cats, which I had heard about previously , it was all in all very classy. Antique furniture, but very stylish!

In the end, coffee wasn’t coffee, because there wasn’t any, but we had herbal tea. Me, Lina and the Mad Lawyer. All very respectable.

It must have been around 11.30 or something, and we were chatting. Then my phone went. It was Lucy my wife. I could tell she was … impatient? Is that the right word. Anyway, she asked me where I was and I told her I was at Lina’s drinking herbal tea. She then asked if I’d pass Lina over. Ok.

Lina said a couple of ums and a couple of yeses, and then passed the phone back. It was dead. Lucy had rung off. Strange?

Lina then said, ‘Your wife asked if I would send her husband home now.’ Jolly good ending of a fun evening.

I often ask myself why life needs to be so complicated sometimes! When I am at peace with the world, all those around me seem to be in turmoil. Perhaps I’m missing something along the way!

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