The Mad Lawyer

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White Knuckle Ride

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On the evening, we arranged to meet up and from there go on together to a Mexican restaurant in downtown Lugano. When I got to the prearranged rendezvous she was not alone, but with a friend. A female friend. The mad lawyer.

I was in fact quite glad we weren’t alone. I had no wish for anything to possibly be construed as a romantic encounter!

We went off in the Mad Lawyer’s old Golf GTI, and she drove … well what can I say … very aggressively, as if we were on a race course. You expect women to be a little gentler than men as a rule, and this of course was Switzerland! The land of the slow! I don’t know if she was trying to impress me, or frighten me, or show me how liberated and sure of herself she was. But the only thing I can remember thinking at that moment, was that of regret. Regret of accepting this misjudged invitation!

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