The Italians

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I have heard it said several times over the last weeks, that it is so strange and unexpected that the Italians, who are renowned for being free-willed and notorious for not being over law-abiding, have been so easily subdued and beaten down into following the draconian rules of lockdown.

Living in Italy myself, I can confirm that all of the above, is unquestionably true: The Italians do have an inherent genius for getting round unworkable rules and regulations; not necessarily beating the system as such, but certainly managing to get by in a set-up which doesn’t work. But they have been completely dominated into submission.

A friend of mine told me that the reason for this is simple: The Italians have always missed being commanded by authority, and so it has been welcomed in with open arms!

I’m not sure if this is true, but one thing for certain is that Italian society has believed as reality everything they have been fed by TV and social media. Even now though, that we here are in the all clear and in the β€˜white’ zone, the Italians are still a long way from rediscovering their liberties.

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