The Great British Police Force.

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My big question about the Extinction Rebellion of Greta Thunberg, is how did it all happen. How did a group middle aged school teachers and do gooders, close down one of the most important cities in the world? Could the inept British police force really not control these respectable genteels? Hardly the Genovese Black Block after all.

When Donald Trump comes to call to London later this June, will the police roll over and allow mayhem; maybe they will! Other agendas at work!

The matter I’m putting forward is, that perhaps this young girl, who suffers from Asperger’s and was so obviously going through so many indubitably genuine personal issues, and the many, many other young people and other not so young people, who are without any doubt totally genuine and believing in their doing of the right thing, are, nevertheless, being used by… others… for perhaps reasons not yet apparent; but certainly not so commendable.

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