The Broken Tooth

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The Broken Tooth


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Going back to Christmas Eve, and the infamous green olive, and the sheer pain of having broken a back tooth in half…

I went into the bathroom, feeling desperate at not knowing what to do, and then I started to think. What should I be doing, if I follow the logic of self healing and mind over matter.

I just went though a typical EFT routine (by myself and not following a youtube video to anything) going round a couple of times: Starting with the karate chop point; negative statements; going on to positive ones. Then I moved on to some EMDR; thinking into the pain and trying to relax it; firstly moving my eyes from side to side, and then round and round ( I know the purists hate this – shock horror!!!)

The whole of this little session was around ten minutes and not more; I was still waiting for dinner to be served! The result was… well incredible. That’s the only word I can think of that does it justice. It was like having a small fog or mist around something you’re looking at. No matter how hard you look at it, you just can’t see it. This was the same. No matter how hard I thought into where the pain was, I just couldn’t focus on it, and so I couldn’t feel it. My tongue didn’t search it out to touch it, but just relaxed and stayed away easily and naturally.

I went back to the kitchen with the others and had my dinner; being careful to stay away from the broken tooth! But I managed.

After dinner, I gave myself another EFT / EMDR session, doing the same as before. When I went to bed, I lay down o my back and did a bit of hypnosis/meditation on myself; relaxing my body and concentrating on my breathing. Then I focused into the broken tooth, and did the routine of giving it a colour, typically red, and then changing the colour, probably into a cool pale blue and then into a clear and sterile white ( I can’t remember exactly now; it’s a few years ago).

Quite honestly, even after just the first session I was okay, but nonetheless I went on repeating these sessions over the coming days, and I basically forgot about it. After a couple of days it felt completely healed.

New Year came and went, work started again. I went to my dentist to make an appointment to get it capped. And I finally got the work done in March! And to be quite honest, I also felt as if it wasn’t really necessary!

Strange? I don’t know, but it’s true!


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