Strategies – Doing New Stuff

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New Life Situations – Learning how to do New Stuff

We are all different, and what works for one person won’t necessarily work for another, and having success is also just the same.

So ideally, when you have success in one particular field or other, the thing is to then, if possible, transfer your knowledge and understanding to the new areas and things you want to address in life.

For example, if you want to learn a new language and you have no idea about how to go about it successfully and you don’t have any experience of learning new or academic things and have never had any success in doing anything like it, a good starting point would be to start thinking about what you do do, and have already learnt to do well.

If you have difficulty in learning new things, for instance a foreign language or other skill, but have to, or God forbid want to do it, a good strategy would be to take what you do well and transfer it to the new thing. So, let’s imagine you are learning French, and are rubbish at it, but are really good at skateboarding, you’d need to think back to when you started skateboarding and how you went about it: what did you do; you watched your friends, you had a go, you fell off, you tried again etc. Perhaps your friends don’t speak French, and you’re older; so perhaps you’d join a French course … Obviously we’re thinking more about the mentality rather than the exact skills, but all the same it’s a starting point.

Therefore, if you wanted to learn French, you’d have to do what you did when you started skateboarding: look at the other skateboarders and try to emulate what they were doing: In the French class you need to look at the good learners and try to emulate; what is it they do; what do they think about; what did you do when you started skateboarding; what did you think about when you were doing that? And try to mix the two, or superimpose one on the other.

Even if you don’t get the right answers straight away though, you’ve still started doing something positive, and you’re well on track to discovering how to then seek out a better strategy.

However, when you don’t have your own, ‘Success strategies,’ (which is obviously completely possible – particularly when you’re going through a not so good moment in life) that’s the time to look around, start reading a bit; look on the internet: get an idea of what’s out there, and start experimenting with a few different schemes and work out what works for you.

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