Statistical curve

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We tend to think we’re having good, or not so good days, but as I was saying before, if you really take note carefully of what happens in your life, and over a long enough period, this often shows to be far from the truth; just like my golf, okay there are some utterly brilliant days, and some utterly horrible days, but by and large most days are roughly the same.

In statistics, this seems to be true of just about everything, whether you’re talking about IQ, or crime or anything else you what to think about.

statistical curve

The longer you do something for the more predictable the outcome appears to be. This goes for playing golf, and also anything else you’d care to mention; tests and exams for example, or indeed playing the piano!

So whilst practice makes perfect, as that may well be, knowledge of Pareto’s 80/20 law ( Pareto distribution) can not only help us work out wealth distribution, but also play better golf, make more money, allow us to live longer and healthier lives, and perhaps stop us from from catching the Corona Virus!!

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