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So it seems that Harry and Meghan are going to take a back seat to their Royal duties, and have been given the Royal blessing of the Queen to disappear off to Canada for a peaceful life. What do I care? Not a tinker’s cuss. It’s hardly the first, nor even the last I’m sure, time, that a member of the Royal family decides to forsake Royal responsibilities for a quieter life. King Edward abdicated to marry Mrs Simpson (damn Americans!) a married woman! Shock, horror; well, in the 1930s, it was indeed. Well… good for him I suppose. He remained popular with the general public. And other Royals over the years have been criticised, that if they don’t like the media attention and their Royal responsibilities, they can always give up their titles and become an ordinary bod in the street.
However, things seem to become a little more complicated with Harry and Meghan. Harry and Meghan want to have a private life, but at the same time milk the celebrity status that comes with being part of the Windsor family, paid for at the expense of the British tax payer to boot! So being accused of being racist when facing criticism goes a little close to the bone for many: Britain is many things to many people, but if it is one thing, it is not racist; the opposite be true if anything.
It will be interesting now to see what happens. Will the Canadians be happy for footing the bill for their new residents? A new president perhaps? We shall see. But one thing is for sure, things are changing in the UK. The civil service are in the firing line, and the House of Lords, as we know it today, has its days numbered. It may well be another nail in the coffin of the Royal family (brand or trademark). Although they are incredibly popular with the general population, there are others who are more than a little weary of Charles’ (and others) meddling in politics and the mysterious unseen might he wields and slight of hand, in his spidery hand…

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