Snake Oil

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Snake Oil

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One of, or indeed perhaps the main problem with my beloved EFT, or hypnosis, or to be sure a major stumbling block also to homeopathy and alternative medicines in general, is that the science that goes with it does not support it in any way. Only recently I seem to remember in Australia after lengthy research it was decided by government that homeopathy had no value at all under any circumstances for any ailments or situations, and was thus denied further public funding and subsidies.

From one point of view, this can perhaps seem understandable; if you dilute something in water, no matter how pure the water may well be, by millions and millions of times, the end result can obviously be considered to be … well yes … I suppose water. And the Australian government called time on the ‘hoax’, and the enormous elephant in room. Placebos are good for us, and placebos are everywhere, in alternative as well a normal traditional medicines, but surely it’s only normal to try and avoid paying through the nose for what is so obviously ‘snake oil’ and that which has no value at all.

But are we really so sure that the Australian government were so right in their findings. After all, as with so many of these things, perhaps we should also ask the question, who was doing the research, where they were coming from, and could it be at all possible that they too have their own agenda to follow. Who funded the research? Were any of the big pharmaceutical companies involved, and how? We know for a certain fact that they have their own welfare and survival at heart, before that of the customer/patient. They have more to lose than anyone else, and they are also incredibly powerful contenders!

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