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by Costanza 

When I first started chatting with Lina, and started to understand what she did for a living, I imagined her clients to be sfigati – an Italian term used to describe ‘losers’. And I was a little shocked not to say the least by some of the things she said. Like, ‘Illness doesn’t exist’ – how can you say that: Cancer, AIDS, even the common cold! ‘Ah yes, that is because of some imbalance in the life – most people with AIDS are homosexual or something, and so at some time or other in their lives have had some kind of conflict’. And in life meaning, obviously, this and past (and presumably future ones as well!).

This, at that time, seemed a slippery slope. A part from previous lives being invariably difficult to prove, it also seems a cheap argument. Who hasn’t had conflict in their life! And then if you really honestly haven’t, ‘Ah well, it was in one of your numerous past lives!’ Argument won!

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