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School in Rickmansworth

It’s not easy I’m sure, being a teacher nowadays, but when I think back to my own school days some 45 or so years ago, I wonder how I ever got through it. With hindsight, knowing now what I have learnt in life I would have most certainly done it all very differently. If I were to have the chance of going back and doing it all again…
I suppose it was a combination of different things, firstly family and then environment. My secondary school was what they called a Comprehensive, meaning that it was aimed at all, irrespective of academic achievement or potential, not distinguishing either educational prowess nor family status.
My parents, I think, believed in the system and accepted it as something that worked unquestioningly, for good or bad, and that was the way it was. For my part, despite not being happy nor fulfilled there, it never really occurred to me that I could make it different in any way by perhaps making a little more effort, or taking it seriously. I just accepted my lot, and that was it. Strange really.

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