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RS – The Call – Working with Crystals…

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When we were supposed to be having our weekly lessons invariably the phone would go intermittently, I would become invisible (to her at least) and she would chat away without any apparent inhibition.

However, on this particular occasion, the phone went, and even if no names were mentioned, I realised it was RS she was talking to; Evidently, he had a big conference coming up in Rimini on money-laundering and was speaking. He was worried as this was a big event, and there was a lot hanging on it.

So, with the receiver nestled between ear and shoulder, she took out a sheet of A4 typing paper and placed it longways on the desk in front of her, and wrote in pen: name; place; date; subject; etc. etc. She then drew an oval circle around it, and took out a 7 inch white crystal on a short chain. Then dangled the pendulum from under her eye, and circled it over the writing on the paper.

Then after a short while she said, ‘Don’t worry, it will all be okay.’

At that point she said her goodbyes, and, ‘I’ll work on it!’

After hanging up, she took the piece of paper and put it on a shelf, and then got four or five varied small coloured stones, and placed them on top of the writing.

The lesson then resumed with no further ado.

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