RS – Car problems

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Problems with cars…

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But something which surprised me was, a little, that when I spoke to people about this kind of thing (Lina and her wacky ideas) many were sympathetic to this kind of thinking or approach. In fact on one occasion when I was going into her place, I met a friend’s wife coming out. Strange. Yes, very strange.

I remember also I was working at Credit Swiss at that time, and I had a lesson with a small group at lunchtime, and we were waiting for RS to arrive. He was a bit late. And so I had just come from Lina’s and so my mind was still boggling a little with all this weird stuff, and so I just asked out of the blue, ‘Do you believe in spirits?’ Perhaps a strange sort of question to ask, like that, for no reason. But one of the girls looked at me in an old fashioned sort of way and said, ‘What do you mean?’

‘If you mean spirits as a kind of energy, well yes!’ – Uh?

Then she asked me if I was teaching Lina English, she had heard all about it! She was going to Lina for sessions! In fact RS (who was one of the top, big, big bosses at the bank – a lawyer) was late because he had just been to see Lina, and was also one of her clients!

RS’s office, which is where we were waiting, was enormous, with a conference table and kitted out with an indoor putting green, so he could practice his golf; and his main worry of that moment was which car to buy, and he was studying the bumf for different Mercedes models; even if his secretary confided in me that she couldn’t understand why – he was a terrible driver!

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