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There has been some fascinating research into reincarnation, for instance that done be Ian Stevenson, where he recounts the remarkable coincidences of children’s tales.

For example, children from rural India, where television and other modern communication were not available at that time, would tell of previous lives they’d lived, which would have been impossible for them to have previously known about. Stevenson then went on to repeat the same kind of investigation far and wide around the globe, with the vast majority of cases when checked for accuracy, proving to be uncannily convincing or true.

Stevenson is a highly respected scholar and his work is obviously very diligently prepared and well researched. Moreover, as Sheldrake states, when many people feel to have had the same or similar experiences, it should be argued that it is therefore not then an extraordinary event, but rather an ordinary one, and should be tested as such in this light.

And so work by those, such as Stevenson, rings true to us, and we gladly receive it as evidence. Evidence of something of which we already know deep down to be true, no matter how strange it apparently is.

Unfortunately, anecdotal evidence, which all of this invariably relies on, is notoriously unreliable. Our memories are, at the best of time patchy, and even when trying hard to be truthful often fail us; let alone the innumerable reasons for not being totally straight with the truth, either consciously or unknowingly.

Undoubtedly, a more scientifically sound method of testing reincarnation could certainly, and will be found, but alas, for now at least, this is not it.

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