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A Hornet’s Nest.

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What do you do in situations like this? It’s a terrible thing being in a situation you can’t get out of. In reality, it was a time I should have been very happy; I had a beautiful family, enough work and money to get by. But I had a real fly in the ointment. People often, when talking about Mozart, say that it was an amazing thing that he was able to compose beautiful music when his personal life all about him was a total disaster. I can see, though, that it’s not extraordinary at all. Although I hated going home to where I lived, I was able to carry on, and put a brave face on. Outwardly I was happy, and positive. Great kids; happy marriage; work I liked doing – but there was a dark cloud over me.

It was a dilemma. Having a strong sense of love for my family and having done everything right to protect them in the best way possible, but at the same time having ended up in something of a trap, and being put in a situation of being downtrodden and subservient. Something akin to inadvertently poking a hornet’s nest of quasi underworld, and being totally out numbered.

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