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Lina finished, I suppose it was, after we moved house – for the second time in a couple of years! Before then we had been living in Switzerland, in the end for about seven or eight years, and although we had been very happy there, and had made lots of wonderful friends, it was not to be. Switzerland is a beautiful place in many ways, but it is not part of Europe, and so it can be complicated at times… I’m British and my wife Italian, and because of problems with work and residence permits etc. etc. we had to leave. We’d also recently had our daughter and so without getting things sorted out, there was no real solution.

So we moved across the border to Italy, where our son was then born after a few months. We lived in this great big house with three floors on the lake front, and had a large garden going down to the water. How beautiful, you may say, and I suppose it was. But obviously beyond to facade all was not as it appeared. The rent, although reasonable compared to Swiss prices, was dear for Italy, and our landlord was intrusive and didn’t allow us the freedom we needed. So we quickly decided on buying our own place thinking it was either now or never.

In hindsight that was in fact totally true. It was just before Italy changed currency from Italian lire to Euro, after which everything more or less doubled in price in a year or so; including the price of houses! We had managed to save something over the years and my dad was able to lend us something as well, and so we could just about scrape enough together.

And so after just one year in Ponte Tresa, we moved again to our new flat just a few miles away and up the hill. What could possibly go wrong?

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