Noah’s Flood

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Noah’s Flood …

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I’ve no idea if it rains more here now than it used to do in the past. But when it rains, it really rains! As I said before, our apartment is on the ground floor, but below us we have our garage, and a laundry and some storage space – and so from the road outside there is a drive which goes down to our garage and another couple of garages. On the other side of the condominium there is another drive which goes down to the other garages, which is a much larger affair.

Anyway, we had some rain. Probably unusually hard rain. But it rained and rained and rained! And the water came down more and more and more. It was like a river! And it was flooding the basement!

Evidently, so I was told, there had been a river running down behind the condo, and all the rain water would run off the roofs and through the drains and down into the river. However, the local council, in their wisdom, had decided to allow houses to be built in the path of the river, and so the river was closed. And so our rain water course was changed and channeled to the drains in the road outside in front. Nothing so startling you may think. Only that the river was in a downwards direction, and the road… yes,  you guessed – upwards. I’m not an expert in the laws of nature or physics, but I was always led to believe that water prefers going down to an upwards direction, but evidently someone in the council offices begged to differ! Oh yes! Another little point. Yes, it is true that the law stipulates that black and white waters are kept separate: that is dirty water from the toilet and clean water from the bath and rain water are separate. But this building was built before any such delicacies like this were thought about! So I’m really talking about all or dirty water!

Moreover, the drains at the bottom of the hill were old, and not capable of dealing with the ever increasing volumes that the years had allowed, and …

Apart from the fact that our condominium drains had been neglected and allowed to silt, when it rained, and rained hard for prolonged periods we’d have the mass of waste water come down from the village. Not finding place to go, due to the small and insufficient drains bellow at the bottom of the hill, it would find its natural way to go. Obviously in a descending direction – and be pushed backwards and down into … MY GARAGE!

When in desperation I phoned the administrator, a Mr Scolastra, asking what he would do about it, he answered as if wringing his hands saying, ‘Oh! It’s raining. It’s going to rain even more! There is nothing I can do! It’s flooding everywhere!’

I remember trying my hardest to unblock the drains in the gardens, and bought a pump to pump the water away from the basements and over the wall and down the hill! I felt like Noah trying to save the world in vain! With my young family watching me in the dark from the windows as I did. Under the pouring rain…

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