No more sharing your toothbrush

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And so, and so… COVID-19 is among us and everyone is panicking; rightly or wrongly. I would argue again … 80/20. Eighty per cent way over the top and 20 per cent more sensible reasonable precaution.

I thought it was interesting all the same seeing British Prime Minister Boris Johnson being interviewed on This Morning, a British ITV television morning program, where he automatically shook everyone’s hand without giving it a second thought. What can we take from this?

If you wash your hands, and don’t touch your mouth, nose and eyes, you’ll be okay – a part that is, if you’re stuck on a cruise ship for a couple of weeks, with pumped up air-conditioning. Boris is seen as a clown by many, perhaps, but no one thinks he’s an idiot!

But even in situations like this, Pareto’s 80/20 principle can be useful. If you divide up your day into what could be risky and what isn’t, it probably can, somewhere along the line, be seen something like 80/20. Eliminate what is obviously the worst 20 percent and see what happens. No more kissing strangers in the park, or sharing your toothbrush!!

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