New Year’s resolution and a dry January

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Ricky Gervais 2020 Golden Globes

New Year is here. 2020. It doesn’t seem possible does it! And the Christmas holidays are over and we’re back to work. But if you look at the news or turn on the TV or whatever, things are far from peaceful in the world.
It does all seem more than a little frightening. President Trump rattling war sabres with Iran, and threats of retaliation. Then being force fed the much hyped Rick Gervais Golden Globe awards vitriolic unleashing on the Hollywood elite (for the 5th time no less!)
If I’m honest, I think that for me following the news is in a way a form of titillation, and entertainment, even if important in many ways; not least being aware of what’s going on in the world, and as a means of having something to talk about when out and about in the real world.
However, link this together with the trials and tribulations of our ‘real’ lives, and it is all too easy to overload from it all. I suppose, if your life is humdrum and tedious but safe, it may well put a little zap and excitement in there for you, much like watching football and being an ardent fan of a team. But when there are problems… And when you are already in a negative mind framework, perhaps for a multitude of different reasons, you start to see problems far and wide. Even when there shouldn’t be any.
Like in the toy shop window. The model train going round the track. In and out of the mountain. We can think of the mountain as your subconscious mind, and the open as being the conscious. All what you put on the train goes into the mountain; our subconscious. Slowly but surely, affecting how we see the world. Making us more pessimistic and leading to depression.
If you want to make a New Year’s resolution, or a dry January, perhaps it would be a better idea to have a ‘Media-Free January’! And give ourselves a little respite and allow our minds to heal.

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