Mrs P and Y

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Mrs P. and Y

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Mrs P. lived with her husband GC. and son GL. and a Moroccan lodger Y. Every mealtime the long table was always full, and there was also Don P. who was the local priest; and so as some kind of civic duty she fed and watered them all, including the priest.

Before retiring she had worked at the Bic factory across the border in Switzerland. I presumed that it was because of this work in the plastic biro factory that was the reason for her bronchiole problems which led to her early pension. But when she first became ill she was sent to a small hospital nearby in the mountains to be treated, and it was here where she met Y.

Y had landed in Italy without the necessary documents to stay. He was duly given a 48 hour visa before repatriation to Morocco. And with this 48 hour pass clenched in his hand, made his way north to Milan. However, life was not easy and he ended up sleeping rough and selling lighters on the streets. Milan is, nevertheless, rather chilly and unforgiving place especially in winter, and Y caught pneumonia and was picked up by the Italian police and taken to Cuasso al Monte to be treated.

And it was here that Mrs P and Y met. I have personally never read anything between the lines here, and honestly don’t think there was anything to read (as some had done) but Mrs P took him under her wing so’s to speak. She got him a work permit, found him a job, and took him in to her house, and more or less he became one of the family.

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