More Problems

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More Problems!!

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After the initial problems of disagreements about what was possible and what not, I then got a plumber in and slowly but surely work started. As I said before, below our apartment we have a garage and laundry, and some space for storage, and so fitting a boiler and connecting it up to our existing system was a relatively simple matter. What proved to be a little more tricky was connecting to the mains.

The gas mains were already there in the road outside, and I had done all the necessary paperwork with the gas company. So, the only remaining thing to do was … just connect.

I remember it was a lovely sunny summer’s day, and the plumber cum labourer cum trench digger was finally ready to go! And so with a little (not much) help from me he started to dig the trench across the condo garden lawn. But this is where it all started to go wrong!

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