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I’ve lived in Italy for a long time now, and so for quite a lot of things, what’s on TV for example in the UK, I’ve pretty much lost touch. I remember though I first got to hear about Paul McKenna through my brother who told me about him; after which I saw some of what he did on Youtube. I found it fascinating I must admit.

My wife always enjoyed reading self help types of books; pretty run of the mill Italian popular stuff – all of which is very much main stream reading here in Italy. So, I took it upon myself to introduce her to Paul McKenna, and so I bought her Change Your Life in Seven Days, imagining to myself that I’d been incredibly intuitive, and to have sussed out her reading into the future.

However, she showed no interest in it, and it remained there unopened on the table. So, I had a look myself and read it; doing all the exercises, listening religiously to the hypnosis CD and everything. It did take me more than the prescribed 7 days to get through, but it did change many things in my life, and I really got into experimenting with all sorts of things. And from there went on to read lots of other books on hypnosis, meditation, and magic and started making my own hypnosis recordings and things kind of snowballed.

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