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I once had a friend who was unlucky. Not like most people are unlucky. But really unlucky! Everything in M’s life was unlucky, and she always seemed to have problems and arguments with people. Not with me, as I say she was a friend, and we got on very well.

She played the alto sax in the local wind band. She wasn’t the best of players, which isn’t that much of a big deal in a village um-pa band, but all the same the conductor hated her, and she hated him. It seemed that either she loved people or she hated them. There was no middle ground.

She had been married to an Italian man, which had been a disaster: I presume he must have been not the most handsome of fellows, since M’s son was particularly lacking in aesthetic virtue: I admit that this is a rotten thing to say, but it was kind of entirely true. Unfortunately. They were nonetheless, really really lovely people with a heart of gold, and very generous. But when little L, M’s son, was born, in the hospital in Italy the husband took one look at the little chap and screamed that it wasn’t his son and walked out. Of course it was indeed his son, and he was just a complete idiot! Obviously the marriage didn’t last long after that!

When I first met M, that was playing in the local um-pa band, she was working in a local watch factory; at the end of the assembly-line, and it was her job to set the correct time on all the watches. Something I would have thought to be a soul destroying job, but she never once complained.

The reason I mention M, is that I suppose it was the first time I’d ever heard of Alternative Therapists, or Spirits and Energies, etc. etc. Because of all her woes, M had enlisted the help of a Wizard (something that is quite common in Italy) to help her out getting over her many problems.

And true enough he was there with all the answers. Yes, all the answers, but at a price. Evidently, someone had put a curse on her and her family, and the only way of lifting this curse was by doing a bit of black magic. And magic costs! And so M would have to make bank drafts to this man, and he would do his magic. But then, she would have to pay more, because something had changed etc. etc. You can imagine. But this was costing thousands and thousands of Francs, and M was not rich. And obviously a lot less rich than she had been to start off with!

But Lina, in comparison was completely different. A completely different kettle of fish! She paid her taxes, and even worked for the Swiss State healthcare system; so trying to categorise is not so simple.

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