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I was, and to a large degree, still am cynical about many things. I don’t think that I’m easily taken in, not normally anyway, and when I met and got to know Lina, my witch as I thought of her, I was, and perhaps still am, generally cynical and disbelieving by and large.

When she said, ‘Illness doesn’t exist.’ I thought she was crazy. When she spoke of Rebirthing I laughed at it as being… Well I’m not sure. She wasn’t obviously kinky nor seemed perverted. Let’s just say it seemed a bit weird. But, apart from it being her job, and so plainly doing it for money, she was nonetheless deadly serious about it all, and clearly believed in what she said and did.

Perhaps a shift in my perception was though, was she declared that anyone can win the lottery. Another sweeping statement.

She said the important thing to remember was that, when you are doing anything like that, that you have the same chance as everyone else. She went on to say that she also won five or six thousand Francs ( 5 or 6 thousand US dollars) each year; the reason for it not being more being she wasn’t really interested in making money in this way. At least this is what she said; as I said I am invariably cynical. Notwithstanding, I was still surprised by what happened next.

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