Lost in Translation again

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Lost in Translation again

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I mentioned previously the problem of translation [ did you know that the first Christian holy book was written in Hebrew? And from there it was translated into Latin? – Translating can be tricky at the best of times, and it’s not always easy getting it right, and although certain things are pretty clear and obvious, others need a little more interpretation, and it’s important to know what the original author intended, and, and and.… : The word meaning ‘resurrection’ in Hebrew and can be translated to Latin in two different ways; either meaning coming back from the dead or coming back from the unconscious, and so it depended on the interpretation of those first translators – who knows what was meant all that time ago!] For me it isn’t a problem, but for many it means everything: When thinking about religion, all religion and not just the Christian church, the Holy books are written on paper, or whatever else you might wish, by people, and not directly as if by magic by God, or any other spiritual being. I don’t think that this is so far that controversial, is it? Or perhaps it is.

If you ask me, whether I believe in miracles, I will tell you, probably yes. If you ask me if I’ve ever seen a miracle, I’ll also tell you, yes! I was present at both my children’s births, and quite honestly, for me that is a miracle; anything that comes to life from nothing is a miracle. If you say that that isn’t a miracle because it can be explained, I would say that everything can ( in theory) be explained; even if at present we can’t. There are so many things that we don’t understand but that doesn’t mean that it won’t be understood one day; think of ‘String Theory’ or ‘M-theory’ and ‘Morphic Resonance‘ (Rupert Sheldrake). The mind boggles!

If you tell me that Holy books are written by God through human messengers, and so in this way are written by God through people well I can take this on board and could agree. But then it would also follow naturally that the music of Mozart, Bach, Beethoven et al is also written by God; indeed even my own meagre musical offerings are in fact the works of God – when, that is, that I have been inspired by something more than myself. But, however, this would then suggest that my or Mozart’s work is an ultimate truth never to be questioned; what a nice thought! Perhaps there are similarities between God and psychedelic drugs? And perhaps in this same manner things could go on down a slippery slope of never-ending reason.


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