Losing track of what’s going on …

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In Britain at the moment the Brexit saga continues, and Mrs May (the Prime Minister) has been ousted for being pathetic and making no one happy! And so the Conservative Party is in the midst of electing her successor.
Boris Johnson is, as of yet, the runaway leader of the race, but Boris, like Trump, is loved and hated in equal proportions. Loved and hated for the same reasons. He is obviously a very clever chap, and a real wit, but he does with alarming frequency put his proverbial foot in it!
So, the latest in the chronicle is ‘The screaming behind closed doors!’ Evidently, his girlfriend was heard shouting at Boris by ‘well-meaning’ neighbours (obviously completely unaware of the media headlines of recent days and its potential ramifications) and called the police for their concerns to her safety.
It is widely accepted that there is only one person who can possibly beat Boris in this race to No.10, and that is, yes you’ve guessed it, Boris himself!
However, Boris is refusing to say what the raised voices were about; which rightly could be compared to insisting a small child explain what he or she had been doing in their bedroom or why they were late home from school, merely for the titillation of someone like the school bully. But Boris, as well as his fans has many enemies, many of whom see this as perhaps a last chance of seeing blood.
The good natured, respectable, honest, even if arguably less flamboyant and sharp-witted, Jeremy Hunt, who is the last standing contender to Boris said, ‘It’s not for me the judge the personal lives of others,’ but then, innocently went on, ‘But…’ then went on to twist the knife as best he could saying, ‘The future Prime Minister must be honest, and answer questions to their private lives!’ Bom-bom!
This is all a little reminiscent of Apollo Robbins touching your shoulder and looking earnestly into your eyes, whilst lifting your watch and wallet at the same time. When your focus is distracted, you lose track of what’s going on.
How is all this connected to us, and our more mundane lives? Read on …

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