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It appears that sometimes those who apparently have the strongest beliefs, be it religious or other, in the event of difficult times, which may or may not be within their control, rather than gaining solace and comfort, go into meltdown and panic. I’ve seen this in recent weeks numerous times. People who either normally have their feet well and truly on the ground, or have a passionate and unwavering belief in God, have seemed to forget everything they had preached on about in if not necessarily happier, nonetheless moments of less trepidation and apprehension.
I know it’s not true but, if I were a more cynical man than I am, I would almost think that they didn’t really believe what they try to convince others they do believe. Hypocrisy? Perhaps a little, but not in an abhorrent or despicable way, more an underlying insecurity, which they hope no one will notice: Like a stock-broker who stashes his money under his pillow, or the hard-as-nails soldier who runs and hides crying at the first sight of the enemy.
This is totally unfair I know, but the point I’m trying to make is, that we all should be putting what we have learnt in previous, I didn’t say better, times and juxtapose it to the task we now have at hand. We have an armoury of procedures we can fall back on at a time of need, so, let’s go for it, and do it!

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