Little Sparrow

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Lots of things suck about our world we live in: Not least the environment. No one in their right mind would argue in favour of dirty air to breathe, and dirty water to drink. And so striving to preserve the world seems a commendable thing to do; not just for future generations, that would perhaps appear selfish as if even we, the human race, were really the centre of everything, but more for the reason that destruction per se can not ever really be for the best, and in the end you never know what time will bring.
I remember when I was a kid in London, we were inundated with the unassuming sparrow in our gardens everyday. It was with disappointment when we put the bread crumbs out for the birds, we would hardly ever see something more colourful like a Blue Tit or Robin, but were flooded by the common sparrow!
However, since the 1990s their numbers have been decimated, and for no apparent reason! (This is I know a silly non truth.) There are many perhaps complex reasons, undoubtedly not least to do with subtler things such as interruptions along the food chain, not un-to do with pesticides and the like and a steady decrease with little creepy crawlies (that we never even think about, let alone worry!). But what is perhaps shocking about the humble sparrow, is that it had seemed to be the hardiest of little creatures. Destined to be still out there long after the last apocalypse! Evidently not to be!

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