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Artwork by Costanza

Paul McKenna may well have got me into doing hypnosis and EFT and different things, but I first came into the weird and wacky world of alternative therapy a couple of years earlier.

I had, for my sins, been given a job teaching English to a lady at her office/studio. I remember well how it was a little strange going into her room, with all these giant crystals and things lying about; No one said what she did, so it seemed more than a little curious.

I seem to remember she was 56 at that time, which struck me as being old at the time (I’m now 55, but it was a long time ago). She had longish very blond hair, slim and very fit looking, but speaking to her it was difficult working out her age. There was something that didn’t work. She could have been 25, but she was so obviously not: That sounds so terribly sexist I know, but it’s not meant to; the reason I mention it was that the whole situation seemed to have an unrealness about it: She told me she that she needed to learn a bit of English so that she could understand what was going on when she attended seminars in Rome when she went.

And so every week I would pop along, and attempt to teach her a little English.

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