Liam Neeson

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Liam Neeson’s admission of his reaction to a friend’s rape of wanting to murder a random black person, is I feel particularly unfortunate. Unfortunate because it seems to show that he was unable to handle what was undoubtedly a difficult moment in his life, and seemed to be disposed to a spontaneous resort of violence.

I’ve no idea how violent a man Neeson really is, indeed on this occasion no actual offence was committed by him and no one was actually hurt by him. Was this a racist act? Well, perhaps – at least in intention. But, it would probably be better described as being just incredibly stupid, as indeed his recent admission also seems to tie in with.

Liam Neeson is a very good actor. However, no one really knows where his film character finishes, and where his true persona begins. No doubt he thought that in giving this information in an interview, might well give his new film insight, and depth of understanding; allowing once again the general public to sustain its belief in his ‘rough cut’ character. If this was his intention, it backfired spectacularly.

I remember seeing a few years back his appearance in a comedy series by Ricky Gervais. It could only be described as being cringe worthy! I remember feeling sorry for him at the time, because he managed to let Gervais make him look nothing more than ignorant and stupid; something which I’m sure he is not. But…

Is Neeson a racist? I don’t think so. Is he stupid? Well, he has made some pretty duff admissions. Does he have difficulty controlling his aggression? Certainly, on screen; he’s an actor who plays those kinds of parts – and he is certainly guilty of letting people make a connection between the two. Is he a good actor who deserves his success? Yes.

However, I think that this allowing of the real Neeson and the film character to mingle into one persona has found its moment to finally say au revoir! and allow the two to finally part, once and for all.

Racism has no place to hide.

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