Lesson 7 – Immediate Goals

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Lesson 7 – Immediate Goals

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Okay. And welcome to our last lesson, lesson 7 (I like the number 7!)

After having worked out a few of our goals, and having thought a little bit about how we might go about achieving them; at least in theory. We have thought about the intermediate stages we would have to go through in order to get into that position, and even if things may well seem a long way off, and no more than pie in the sky, there is a way; even if only in theory, and it might well be hard if not impossible to achieve.

And so what we need now is some immediate goals. These immediate goals are the little steps we need to take, in order to move towards our intermediate goals.

These goals should be, firstly covering all our aims – professional, self and fun – and achievable quickly; if they are not achievable quickly we’d call them intermediate goals, not immediate!

These goals can be anything from making a phone call or reading 10 minutes of a book; anything at all as long as it is leading towards an intermediate goal.

So, today’s lesson. Lesson 7

Take a fresh page and write at the top, ‘Immediate Goals.

Under each title, of your intermediate goals, write a list of immediate goals; or things to do. This list will be continually revised and changed.

Now, the trick is, that, every day you must do at least one thing from each of your lists.

It’s perhaps also a good idea to keep a diary or something, to keep track of the progress you are making. The secret is to do something, no matter how small, every day. It doesn’t matter if you do it badly, it’s important just to do it. Do it before you do the other (more important) things in your day. Give it priority. It’s not necessary these things are big or long, just little things. If they are too big you need to plan it with extra immediate plans.

Go for it!

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