Lesson 6 – Intermediate Goals

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In the last lesson, we finally came to work out some of our big aims for achievement in the future. We’ve had a little bit of time now to have thought about how these things would work out in reality, just considering for a few moments about if indeed leading this life would make you happy, or at least satisfied to what you were doing, and how sustainable it might be. Also important taking into consideration that we don’t want harm to others, or have a negative affect to other people’s lives; what we do to others has a curious way of finding its way back to ourselves. So, be careful.

So, lesson 6.

  1. Take another fresh page, and write at the top, ‘Intermediate Goals’
  2.  Now look back at Lesson 5, and at all your big goals, and taking each one separately make some more lists and for each one pencil in some logical stages you would need to pass on your way to the big goal (once again less than 7, and subdividing where necessary):

So for example, if you wanted to get that dream job, perhaps you might need to go on a couple of training courses etc.; if you wanted to meet your dream partner, maybe you should get out a bit more, and start doing something a bit more interesting in your free time. I don’t know, whatever comes spontaneously to you and seems right at the time; once again you will obviously modify these as you go along.

Again, if you think you have too many goals written down, now is the time to start focusing on the bigger things, but grouping things together and subdividing is a handy way of organising more things at once. And again remember you should be thinking of at least three different areas; professional – the outside you; self – your personal side; and fun – letting your hair down, and doing something real! Go for it! And see what comes out.

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