Lesson 5 – Goals!

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Welcome back, and so to lesson 5.

So before we start, have a brief look back and the previous lessons.

In lesson 1 we thought a moment about how we perceive ourselves, and tried to examine how we might be able to view ourselves in a positive light.

In lessons 2 to 4 we considered our desires, or at least what we think they are, focusing on the emotional side of how these make us feel.

Now, what I think is important to remember here is that it is how you feel is what is salient not so much the more general details. So for example, if for you it is important to feel rich, money is obviously important, but I would imagine that the real crux of the matter is more to have the feeling you can do what you want without worrying about the lack of money rather than a specific figure. Having lots and lots of money doesn’t stop the wolf howling at your door! The more important factor is to recognise when you have something rather than just having it.

And so, to this lesson, lesson 5. Getting yourself some goals.


  1. Get yourself a fresh page, and write at the top… ‘My goals’

2. Now make yourself three columns ( or three sections)

Title the first column ‘professional’, the second ‘self’, and the third ‘fun’

In each column make a list, using the previous lesson’s ideas, of big goals you might want in life.

Once again, don’t think hard and long about this, do it without thinking if you like, all we want is to get some ideas down on paper.

The professional column refers to work; this is the outside you – so it could be about money and career but equally volunteering in the community and helping others. It’s your contact with the outside world.

The second ‘self’ column is about you and your family and relationships. So, this is about looking after your body and health, and contact with family and friends.

The last column ‘fun’ is those other things in life; spoiling yourself – holidays and parties and buying… whatever comes to mind.

Do this now, and see what comes out. Don’t worry, these are just ideas for now, you can and will change them many, many times over time.

Once again, keep your lists relatively short, certainly less than 7, but you can, and must subdivide!

In the next lesson we will discuss what to do next!

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