Lesson 3 – Emotions

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Hope you all had a happy New Year, and made some new year’s resolutions (perhaps – why not!) – I’ve got a stinking cold, which is not very good, since I’m in London and visiting family, and do not want to end up infecting everyone.

Anyway, back to our lessons, and lesson 3.

So in lesson 1 we thought about what we think about who we are; looking back now, feel free to change anything you feel might be fitting. Then in lesson 2 we thought about ‘What we want’.

Have a look again at the ‘What we want’ list from lesson 2, and feel free to modify anything you might want to.

Now, on a fresh page…

1. Write at the top, ‘What it makes me feel’,

2. Now, copy down the list from lesson 2 (What I want) and next to each item, try as best you can to describe the emotion or feeling each of these items give you. Remember again the number 7, lists of 7 and subsections etc. etc. So, just imagine, as best you can, that you actually have the thing you wanted, and focus in to the sensation (excitement, warm feeling, feeling of peace – I don’t know just write the first thing that comes into your mind [you can always change it again later]) and then just go with it, and use your imagination. Don’t worry if you find this hard at first, the more times you do it the quicker and easier it will become. And try to make your images/the film in your mind, as vivid and as real as you can.

And that, my friend, as they say, is it. Enjoy! End of lesson three. Easy? Perhaps, or perhaps not. But it will get easier the further we get along.

Happy 2019!

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