Lesson 2 – What I Want.

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Hello there again. And here is the second lesson for getting over the Christmas (or any other for that matter) Blues.
So just a brief update, in the first lesson we thought about how we identify with ourselves. This wasn’t necessarily an easy topic to address. Many of us seem to muddle along through life, with all its frustrations, with many mixed feelings, angers and anxieties, envies and delusions, have an understanding that we’re not happy, but little else; especially who we think we are.
As you have a quick look at what you wrote in lesson one, feel free to change anything you aren’t sure about, or feel differently about; this is only normal and natural, and part of the process.
And now, in lesson two, we are going to address ‘what we want!’ Here again, I don’t want you to think hard and deep about it. No, quite the opposite; be imaginative and impulsive as you can. What I want you to focus on is, just superficially, what, if you had it, it would be that you could then turn around, and say to yourself, ‘Yes, I’m really happy!’
Again, don’t think about it first. Don’t think it through. Try to do it roughly, and badly; knowing that you can change it, and modify it later. This is just an exercise (which can be repeated), and there is no one who is going to read it, nor check, nor criticize it.
So …
1. Get a fresh piece of paper, or a new leaf in your notebook
2. Get a working pen or pencil
3. Write at the top of the page, ‘What I want!’
4. Now write a list, ignoring any practicalities of what you’re writing, of what you want
5. Again, a maximum of seven items,
6. Again, you can subdivide as many times as you want into 7.
7. Etc. etc…
The main areas of concern I’d like you to make sure you have also considered and not forgotten are: family and friends, and relationships; future goals and aspirations; hobbies and free-time, and relaxation; career, money, and practical things like where you live, how much money you spend etc. etc.
And that’s it for now. See you at the next lesson.

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